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Aluna Island

30th April 2014 Updated: 9th August 2020
Videos Description

Aluna Island is a brand new and exciting world for your Sims 3 game! Please read all of this information carefully as it will most likely answer any questions you may have.

How to Intsall

If you have any trouble with the steps below, please view the installation video below!

  1. Download the latest version below
  2. Double click on the file and it will automatically install the world into your game
  3. Load up your game and create a new save with the newly installed world!

This is not a fully completed world. This is an early release version of it.

What does this version come with then?

What does the world lack?

Be sure to keep these in mind if you want to download the world and don't be shocked to find there are no houses for you to move into.

Packs used

The Sims 3

File Size Downloads Posted
Aluna Island v04.Sims3Pack View changelogChangelog 21.4MB 60678 10 years ago
Aluna Island v03.Sims3Pack View changelogChangelog 19.6MB 10098 10 years ago
Aluna Island v02.Sims3Pack View changelogChangelog 16.8MB 4388 10 years ago
Aluna Island v01.Sims3Pack View changelogChangelog 16.8MB 2232 10 years ago