Figure out which world and neighborhood you're in, the closer you get, the higher your score!

There are currently 1254 unique locations in SimsGuessr!

How to play

  1. You will be given a location somewhere in The Sims 4, click and drag to look around
  2. Use the icon or press M to choose which world and neighborhood you think the location is in
  3. On the map, pan by clicking and dragging and zoom by using mouse wheel or buttons. Click on the map select where you think the location is
  4. Each game consists of 5 rounds
  5. If you guess the correct world you will get up to 1,000 points. Each time you change the neighborhood map after the first selection, 250 points is deducted from this bonus.
  6. You get up to 3,000 points based on how far away you are, if your guess is in the correct neighborhood
  7. Maximum score is 4,000 points per round for a total of 20,000 points

Game Settings
No time limit
Disable Packs
The Sims 4
Outdoor Retreat
Get to Work
Get Together
City Living
Cats & Dogs
Jungle Adventure
Get Famous
Island Living
Realm of Magic
Discover University
Eco Lifestyle
Star Wars: Journey to Batuu
Horse Ranch
Disclaimer: This game is unofficial and has no affiliation with, nor is it endorsed by EA.