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Cheat Shortcuts
Script Mod
Cheat Shortcuts by plasticbox
With the introduction of that 'bb.ignoregamep...
No Intro
Package Mod
No Intro by Simser der Deutschen
Deletes/hides the Intro-Movies of EA & Maxis ...
FreeCam in BuildBuy
Package Mod
FreeCam in BuildBuy by TwistedMexi
Get all the capabilities of the TAB Freeroam ...
No Longer Lonely Potted Tree
Custom Content
No Longer Lonely Potted Tree by Me
They decided to leave a sneaky reference to m...
6th and 7th Gen Bigwallet Family Photos
Custom Content
6th and 7th Gen Bigwallet Family Photos by Me
I'm really not sure why you would want family...
WEE Working Elevators Everywhere
Package Mod
WEE Working Elevators Everywhere by LittleMsSam
Build Elevators everywhere instead of Stairs...
Script Mod
AllCheats by TwistedMexi
This mod re-enables all cheats for TS4 and pr...
More Columns in CAS
Package Mod
More Columns in CAS by weerbesu
Nncreases the number of columns in CAS...
Deligracy & Grimcookies CAS Pack
Custom Content
Deligracy & Grimcookies CAS Pack by Deligracy x Grimcookies
Deligracy and Grimcookies teamed up to create...
No Weather BuildBuy
Script Mod
No Weather BuildBuy by TwistedMexi
Removes snow, ground cover, rain, puddles and...
Univeristy Costs More
Package Mod
Univeristy Costs More by Zero
University classes cost way more...
University Aspiration Pack
Package Mod
University Aspiration Pack by PimpMySims4
7 new aspirations that utilise some of the n...

MC Command Center
Script Mod
MC Command Center by Deaderpool
My goal with this module is to expand the fun...
Playable Pets
Script Mod
Playable Pets by Andrew & Orangemittens
This mod will make cats and dogs selectable/p...
No Celebrity Walk Style
Package Mod
No Celebrity Walk Style by Manderz0630
Disables the slow "celebrity walk"...
Cauldron Potions Cost Money
Package Mod
Cauldron Potions Cost Money by icemunmun
This is a tuning mod which overrides some res...
Deadly SpellCasters Mod
Package Mod
Deadly SpellCasters Mod by andrian_m.l
This mod adds 8 cool new, yet deadly spells...

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