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Every Occult Challenge

26th March 2024 Updated: 1st April 2024

Challenge Goals

  1. Have a household of 8 Sims with each different occult and one regular Sim.
  2. Be visited by various NPCs, two at a time.
  3. Your regular Sim needs to transform in to two temporary lifestates

Basic rules

Starting the Challenge

Start with one regular Sim and the regular starting funds. You can use any traits or aspirations to help you out. You can use your starter money however you like, build a house, furnish, get things you need, etc.

1. How to add occults to your household

To be able to add the other occults to your household you need to complete tasks to "unlock" the ability to add an occult to your household. These tasks are listed below and on the graphic attached at the bottom.

For example, to add a Vampire, you must first befriend Vlad and also get to the max level of the Vampire Lore Skill. Once you have done that, you can add a Vampire through regular gameplay means such as marriage, befriending and asking to move in, etc.

You can add occults in any order you like, and use any occults added to your household to aid in any other tasks.

The tasks to unlock occults

2. How to be visited by NPCs

To be able to check off an NPC visiting you two of them have to be on your lot at a time.

For example, if you have the Flower Bunny on your lot but no other NPCs in the list, then that will not count. You need to have the Flower Bunny and one of the other 8 NPCs on the lot at the same time, then you can check off both.

The 8 NPCs you need to have visit you are below and on the graphic attached at the bottom. For bonus points, try and have as many of them visit at the same time!

3. How to complete temporary states

The two temporary states,  Skeleton and  PlantSim are forms your regular Sim can take by completing certain actions.

For these you will use your original non-occult Sim. Simply transform to these states at anytime to complete them.

Checklist Graphic

Use this image to track your progress or refer to challenge goals

Packs used

Get to Work
Jungle Adventure
Island Living
Realm of Magic
Discover University
Paranormal Stuff