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Tiny Town Challenge

2nd June 2024 Updated: 18th June 2024

What is Tiny Town?

The Tiny Town Challenge was created by @Deligracy, you can see all the rules here.
In short, these are the rules —
  • Build each of our Sims a tiny home that suits their colour and decor style.
  • To earn money we have to use that Sims skill.
  • You can only work on one Sims house at a time, and only money they earn from their skill can be used for their house.
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36:03I am trying the Tiny Town challenge! - Part 1
This page is for information about my version of tiny town! You can see all of our Sims here, and who we're going to be seeing throughout the series!

You can watch me attempt the challenge in the video here!

Our Sims

You may recognise these Sims, they were from the Every Life Stage Challenge! The kids are all grown up now and ready to start a Tiny Town together!

Scarlett Renrut - Gardening, Cute & Green
Sonny Renrut - Pipe Organ / Music, Island & Blue
Vivienne Renrut - Writing, Industrial & Pink
Camilo Renrut - Wellness, Luxe & Purple
Krystoff Renrut - Painting, French Country & Red
Silas Renrut - Photography, Boho & Yellow
Pablo Renrut - Fitness/Horse Riding, Cosmolux & Brown
Reuben Renrut - Baking/Cooking, Modern & Orange

Create your own Tiny Town Sims cards!

If you want to try out Tiny Town, I've put together this little tool you can use to create the character cards for your own Sims!

Simply click on the parts you want to change and then click the save screenshot button to get an easy to reference image!

Firstname Lastname
Skill Icon
Skill: Gardening
Decor Icon
Décor Style: Cute
Color Icon
Colour: Green
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