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Let's Play STARDEW VALLEY (Part 37)
53:48Let's Play STARDEW VALLEY (Part 37)
12th March 2019
We're rich and we're back with some more sweet farming action!
Let's Play FAR CRY NEW DAWN (Part 4)
1:31:17Let's Play FAR CRY NEW DAWN (Part 4)
26th February 2019
We're working on getting all outposts to rank 2 to get every bit of ethanol that we can!
Let's Play FAR CRY NEW DAWN (Part 3)
2:05:42Let's Play FAR CRY NEW DAWN (Part 3)
25th February 2019
I've been playing separately and now have some really OP weapons while Gluon is lagging behind a little, we need to catch him up!
40 Friends in Sims 4 CHALLENGE! (Part 3)
22:1740 Friends in Sims 4 CHALLENGE! (Part 3)
24th February 2019
This challenge really took an interesting turn at the end.
40 Friends in Sims 4 CHALLENGE! (Part 2)
1:12:2340 Friends in Sims 4 CHALLENGE! (Part 2)
24th February 2019
We're nearly at the goal, we're off to Selvadorada to gather some new victi... friends :)
40 Friends in Sims 4 CHALLENGE! (Part 1)
1:34:0640 Friends in Sims 4 CHALLENGE! (Part 1)
24th February 2019
Meet Brooks Savage, a man that is set to make 40 friends as fast as he can!
Let's Play FAR CRY NEW DAWN (Part 2)
1:47:57Let's Play FAR CRY NEW DAWN (Part 2)
20th February 2019
There's so much to do in the world, and Nana is just one of those fantastic characters we were so excited to meet...
Let's Play STARDEW VALLEY (Part 36)
1:08:02Let's Play STARDEW VALLEY (Part 36)
19th February 2019
It's time for the Luau again, this year we have some quality products to add in!
Let's Play FAR CRY NEW DAWN (Part 1)
1:52:19Let's Play FAR CRY NEW DAWN (Part 1)
18th February 2019
Gluon and I played Far Cry 5 together so no we're back with New Dawn, set after the events of 5!
Let's Play STARDEW VALLEY (Part 35)
1:00:44Let's Play STARDEW VALLEY (Part 35)
17th February 2019
It's been a little bit, and we're trying to remember what we were doing and what our goals are.
Let's Play STARDEW VALLEY (Part 34)
1:00:24Let's Play STARDEW VALLEY (Part 34)
8th February 2019
The cauliflower empire is over, but now it's time for the wheat to rise!
Let's Play STARDEW VALLEY (Part 33)
57:37Let's Play STARDEW VALLEY (Part 33)
7th February 2019
It's the end of the cauliflower empire, OR IS IT
Let's Play STARDEW VALLEY (Part 32)
55:26Let's Play STARDEW VALLEY (Part 32)
6th February 2019
Please don't judge my mess inventory...
Let's Play STARDEW VALLEY (Part 31)
44:21Let's Play STARDEW VALLEY (Part 31)
5th February 2019
We've got oil and it's time to sell it, boy is it good!
Let's Play STARDEW VALLEY (Part 30)
59:40Let's Play STARDEW VALLEY (Part 30)
4th February 2019
The farm has scaled up, but our resources are really low, and we're struggling to expand!
Let's Play STARDEW VALLEY (Part 29)
1:09:34Let's Play STARDEW VALLEY (Part 29)
3rd February 2019
We're finally getting a pig! 🐖
Let's Play STARDEW VALLEY (Part 28)
59:31Let's Play STARDEW VALLEY (Part 28)
2nd February 2019
The farm is scaling up and we need to scale up the jammin' operation!
Let's Play STARDEW VALLEY (Part 27)
1:03:19Let's Play STARDEW VALLEY (Part 27)
1st February 2019
I just want our farm to be functional AND look nice, is that so much to ask?
Let's Play STARDEW VALLEY (Part 26)
50:59Let's Play STARDEW VALLEY (Part 26)
31st January 2019
It's FINALLY spring again, and it's time to get this farming operation BIGGER than ever, the farm is going to be HUGE!
Let's Play STARDEW VALLEY (Part 25)
1:01:06Let's Play STARDEW VALLEY (Part 25)
30th January 2019
It's time for the Feast of the Winter Star, I've got my present for Marnie sorted but Gluon doesn't even know who he's been given!
Let's Play STARDEW VALLEY (Part 24)
44:30Let's Play STARDEW VALLEY (Part 24)
27th January 2019
We finally have wine to sell, and oh my, it's worth a lot!
Let's Play STARDEW VALLEY (Part 23)
59:02Let's Play STARDEW VALLEY (Part 23)
26th January 2019
So, I'm pretty sure Marnie doesn't actually like stone, but rather, quartz.
Let's Play STARDEW VALLEY (Part 22)
1:00:09Let's Play STARDEW VALLEY (Part 22)
26th January 2019
We're finally reorganising the farm, at least, a little bit.
Let's Build an A-frame house in Sims 4
2:41:17Let's Build an A-frame house in Sims 4
24th January 2019
Building this house was a fun little challenge!

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