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28th July 2020 Updated: 29th January 2021

When a player dies, all of their items and armour will be placed in a chest at that location. This chest can not be destroyed by other players, entities, or any other means.

The chest will vanish upon being opened, or cleared out - dependant on settings in config.yml


The follow commands can be used with /deathchest, /dchest or /dc

  • /deathchest fix - If any chest is destroyed by mistake this will find and replace those
  • /deathchest reload - Reload the config.yml settings
  • /deathchest version - Check whether you have the latest version or not
  • /deathchest set <setting> [true/false] - Change a config.yml setting
  • /deathchest list - List all of your DeathChest locations


  • deathchest.commands - Gives the player access to the list command. Defaults to true
  • deathchest.op - Allows access to fixreloadversion and set commands. Defaults to op


In the DeathChest folder in your server plugins, you will see two files after loading the plugin for the first time. chests.yml just contains all of the data needed to save items in a chest, you don't need to worry about this file.

config.yml has the following settings that you can tweak to your liking. They are all true by default

  • PersistantChest: [true/false]
    • true - This chest can be opened and closed at will, untill all the items are removed, then it will vanish
    • false - When a player interacts with the chest, all the items will pop out and the chest will vanish
  • ChestInLava: [true/false]
    • true - If a player dies in lava, a chest will spawn. It is recommended to use this setting with PersistantChest set to true, otherwise all items may just pop out into the lava upon opening
    • false - If a player dies in lava, a chest will not spawn
  • LockChests: [true/false]
    • true - The chest can only be opened by the player who owns it
    • false - anyone can open this chest
  • VersionCheck: [true/false]
    • true - When the server starts or is reloaded, DeathChest will automatically check if there's a new version available
    • false - Automatic checking disabled, you can still manually check with /deathchest version

All versions
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DeathChest-1.4.jar View changelogChangelog 1.16.4 32.8KB 709 3 years ago
DeathChest-1.3.jar View changelogChangelog 1.16.4 25.7KB 648 3 years ago
DeathChest-1.2.jar View changelogChangelog 1.16 24.3KB 783 3 years ago
DeathChest-1.1.jar View changelogChangelog 1.16 18.2KB 642 3 years ago
Total downloads 2782
First release Jul 28, 2020
Lastest update Jan 29, 2021
Version 1.4
Released Jan 29, 2021
Downloads 709
Minecraft Version 1.16.4
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  1. Download the latest version of this plugin that's compatible with your Spigot, Bukkit or Paper server
  2. Place the .jar in your plugins directory
  3. Restart or reload your server
  4. Change any settings in the config.yml file